Social Reality Tour

Tanzania can count with some of Africa's most stunning tourist attractions including Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Mount Kilimanjaro and the fabled spice island of Zanzibar. With no doubt, visiting such natural wonders will make your holidays in East Africa an unforgettable experience.

But unfortunately, Tanzania is not only one of the most attractive, but also one of the poorest countries in the world. Currently the country is ranked 151 of 187 in the Human Development Index, released by the UN. More than 50% of the citizen have only around one US dollar per day for a living.

The Social Reality Tour is an initiative of World Unite! and it is a non-profit offer for visitors who are interested in learning about the situation of people living in the poorer parts of Tanzania's and Zanzibar's cities. In cooperation with a local, experienced social worker we support more than 60 families handling their every day challenges.

Join us on our home visits and get to know a family in a personal conversation. Learn about their hopes, their goals, but also their challenges and struggles.

The tour is 10 USD (22.000 TZS) per person, which will go directly to the families that are being supported and to cover the direct costs.

Social Reality Tour is offered in Moshi and Zanzibar.

What you will see

You will meet the social worker at a central point in town, where you will first get an introduction to the Social Reality of Tanzania and Zanzibar, and background information about the families you are going to visit.

You will then travel by Daladala (public transport) to the outskirts of Moshi Town or Zanzibar Town where you will meet one family or individual. These might for instance be single mothers whose husbands have died from HIV. From the money given to the tour the social worker will buy the items most needed by the families such as sugar, oil, wheat, rice, soap or baby and school supplies. You can bring those items to the family and you will have the chance to speak with them, ask questions and play with the kids. The social worker will always make sure that all visits are carried out in an ethically responsible way.


In Moshi, Social Reality Tour is being carried out by MANO (Man Alive Network Outreach) and in Zanzibar by ZASO (Zanzibar AIDS Association and Orphans Support), two reputable NGOs.



Social Reality Tour

Benefits of the tour:

* Visitors can get realistic insights into the social reality of a developing country such as Tanzania. This will help in mutual understanding of the developed world and developing countries.

* Visitors pay 10 US dollars each for taking part. 100% of the money will be given to the families visited. The guest actively supports the local community in Tanzania.

* The personal encounter of people makes the exisiting problems more human and less abstract. Visitors establish empathy and an ongoing relationship with the locals.

Please note: While any further help (e.g. purchasing home-made products, donations) is appreciated, you will not be pressured to do so; it is totally up to you.