Visit the Social Reality Tour

If you are in East Africa or plan to go there – visit Moshi or Zanzibar, book the tour and get to know one of the families. They enjoy to have visitors and will warmly welcome you to their home. You will have the possibility to get first-hand information about the challenges of everyday-life in Tanzania.

Donate for the project

If you are not in Tanzania, you still can participate and donate money. You can decide if you would like to give money for one special family – maybe you already visited them or you read about them on our website – or have our social workers decide how the money is best spent.

If you would like to donate, this is our bank account:

Beneficiary: Fundasia T. Kishe
Exim Bank
Account No: 0241002595

Sponsor a student

Education is the key to development. However, education in Tanzania is not free and a lot of parents cannot afford to send their children to school. Without visiting school they will have no chance for a better life. You can give one child this chance by paying his or her school fee for one year (or more).

One year at a public Primary School costs: 30.000 TSh (around 19 USD/15 EUR)

One year at a public Secondary School costs: 190.000 TSh (around 120 US dollars/90 EUR)

Become a volunteer

Social Reality Tour is a project started by World Unite! arranging volunteer placements of a large variety of subject areas in Tanzania, Zanzibar and other countries all over the world.